Work Freedom Summit 2019

Speaker Presentations

Day 3

Tim Cooper


Website Design & Digital Services

There are many elements that make up a successful website. The words, or copy, are very important (of course), but if the page isn't laid out in a way that invites visitors to stay and read, then it really doesn't matter how great your content is, people simply won't read it. In this interview, Tim shares some tips on how to give your website a makeover. Website design is just one of the digital services Tim provides to his clients from all around the world.

Camille Flores


Writing eBooks

Do you love writing and helping people? Writing eBooks may be a great option for you.
Discover what YOU could write about and details about the writing and publishing process.
Plus, Camille shares tips on selling your books and leveraging them to sell classes or gain new clients.

Chelsea Clarke


Blog Flipping

You’ve heard of house flipping, but did you know you can flip blogs too? Find out how much you can earn flipping blogs, where to discover blogs for sale. Plus, pro tips on the flipping process and great resources from Chelsea Clarke.

Daphne Wells


Time Management - Juggling It All

Working from home can be great, but there are also some very real challenges. Join Daphne and Gael as they discuss managing your time, boundaries for success and setting up your workday to win!

Sean Douglas


Positioning Design: How to Dominate & Stand Out in the Marketplace

What is the one problem only you can solve? Answer that question and you’ll be well on your way to standing out in your marketplace. You could have the best product or service in the world, but your message won’t be heard unless you position yourself correctly. How? Sean dispels some common myths and shines a light on the practical steps you need to take.

Sarah Clark


Freelance Writing

Everyone’s business has a website these days and most business owners don’t have time to create content and blog posts. Their solution, hiring it out! Learn how to find your freelance writing niche and get your first clients with Sarah Clark. Plus, pro tips for what to charge and how to keep your clients coming back regularly.

Scott Paton


The Life of the Digital Nomad

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world, meeting new friends and making a contribution?  Learn how Scott stays for free all over the world while working from his laptop. Plus, insider secrets for getting pet sitting gigs, staying cheaply abroad, volunteering and staying for free.

Lorraine Reguly


Proofreading and Editing

If you’re good with words, chances are you’ll make a good proofreader and freelance editor. More and more businesses and individuals are turning to content creation to help position themselves as authorities in their market. From blog posts to articles, case studies, white papers, e-books, and self-published books—all this material needs to be edited and the demand is high. If you like reading this could well be the ideal path for you.

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