Work Freedom Summit 2019

Speaker Presentations

Day 1

Shelly Turner


From Building Websites to Growing a Digital Services Agency

If you’re interested in building websites, mobile apps, chatbots and more, then you’re going to love this interview with Shelly “Builderall Diva” Turner. These services are in high demand and well paid! You’ll not only learn about various sought after services you can offer, we’ll also show you where to get the tools and training you need to get started.

Amylee Udell


Getting Started With Blogging

Have you considered blogging as a hobby and possible income stream? Learn about getting your blog finally started with Amylee of The Productive Mama blog.  She shares the real deal on making money with blogging, and opportunities to monetize your content.
Plus, taking the next steps and creating courses or products for your audience.

Tim Cooper


How to Cash in on the Gig Economy

Tim used “gigs” (small jobs that can be done online) to transition from working as a school administrator to working from home. Find out what skills you can use in the booming gig economy, where to list your services, and how to price them for success. Avoid some of the common mistakes people make when joining gig sites, that can lead to overwhelm and burn out.

Matt McWilliams


Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been looking at ways to start a business at home but don’t have a product or service, yet. Or if you’re already in business and looking at ways to scale without the risk and expense of developing new products, then affiliate marketing is for you. Affiliate marketing is not only a great place to start your online business journey, it can be a great addition and income boost to any business. Matt explains how…

Carlie Maree


Motivation and Momentum When Starting New Projects

Carlie Maree shares how to use your natural energy ebbs and flows to your advantage.
We discuss not quitting when things don’t seem like they are working, and what you can do to take care of yourself and get re-inspired. Taking care of YOU is the key to your success with any project.

Gael Wood


Creating Online Courses

If you have knowledge to share (and we all do), creating online courses can be a great way to help people. Gael has launched over 30 online courses and workshops and she shares her best tips for getting started, what “tech” you need to have in place and options for delivering your course content. Teaching online courses doesn’t need to be complicated!

Daphne Wells


Getting Started With Coaching

Have you considered helping people through coaching? Coaching is a growing field because there are so many people that want to improve their lives and need some help getting there. Find out what kind of training you need and what it really takes to get started with coaching and get paying clients.

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